Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thai Work

I visited the most lavish Thai Restaurant tonight.
The decor was phenomenal. The food was fantastic.

If any of you Westerners venture this way, I'm pretty sure it's one place you'll have to visit.


karenolea said...

hey chase!
I hope you don't mind a lil birdie told me about your blog. I'm soo glad to her you're enjoying your journey. I'm happy to learn you're happy. There should be more people as open and kind hearted as you... if only.

Lot's of best wishes...

Renée said...

wow i dont check ur blog for like...a week, and its suddenly filled up with posts! So much for bite sized! ;) Well...I gotta go, Im hearing christmas music outside my house and Im really curious as to whats going on... see ya!