Friday, July 17, 2009

On Future Travels, and Other Driftings

Oh, deer. I have a confession to make...

All this time, I've been telling everyone I would leave Taiwan on September 9th (9.9.09, Never Forget)... but I looked at my flight confirmation again today, and discovered I would have missed my plane by four days! Better now than then, yea?

So, my official departure is Saturday, September 5th, 2009. I haven't quite yet decided what to do with the Taiwan Drift when that time comes. I do know I don't want to stop writing... or stop traveling! This year abroad has sparked Wanderlust in me something unquenchable.

In fact, I hope to take one more trip abroad before heading towards the States. I've had my fair share of Thailand, I do believe. Japan and Malaysia are still among the top of my list. I've also been leaning towards Indonesia for some time, but the recent travel warnings might make that difficult. Political protests (and you know, terrorism) aside, Jakarta and Bali both seem beautiful destinations.

Then again, in the wake of protest may be the best time to visit? I'll monitor my travel sites for another week or so to see where the best deals are before taking the plunge and committing to my last drift off the island before returning home.

Though I've found a few new sites in my travels, I still revert to tried and true for many of my flights. Recently, I was turned on to a new site, From my poking around, it has one of the most comprehensible layouts for travel sites out there. Does anyone else feel lost trying to navigate discount travel sites? Save you money?

Probably. Save you time? Maybe not...

That didn't seem the case with Hotels Combined, so I'm looking forward to giving them a shot.

Wherever I choose to travel, I'll be sure to keep everyone at The Drift updated. There is one post-Taiwan trip I have in mind, but I'll keep the suspense for a wee bit longer before I announce that one. I will also keep you all updated with the future of the Drift, for there certainly will be one.

As always, thanks for Drifting with me.

The Journey is the Destination.

[Photo: Champoo Wild Life Sanctuary, Thailand]


Andhari said...

dood!!! not cool!!! screw travel warning haha anyhoo if it had calmed down a bit, come visit. stay at my place or something.

Now where's AMY? She's supposed to tell me I scare you off again.

Anyhoo, you definitely should keep blogging. How else will we get in touch? Facebook isnt as strong as blog!

floreta said...

yesss keep on blogging! and drifting!

oh deer. you are so silly. haha :P

Geeta said...

Yep, keep on drifting, and you know where! :)

SuzANNE said...

Ooooh very helpful post Chase-e!! I wanna check out HotelsCombined now. Enjoy your adventures before you come back home and keep me posted! The Drift would be a cool new blog title.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last two months in Taiwan! It has been neat to 'discover' some of Asia through your blog. I love travelling, but Asia is a place which just does not draw me really. I'm more of a...Europe, America, Australia kinda gal. Though I would also like to visit Africa or South-America on a mission trip. But for some reason Asia is just not on my 'visit before I go to heaven'-list. So this has been fun :)Thanks!

Don said...

Ain't it amazing how time flies. I was thinking yesterday of how the last 10 YEARS have flown on my Journey. I changed careers, got a credential, got a Masters, got married, and got an empty nest. I've gotten two cats and a dog, a new car, a new blog, and a new work setting (elementary).

If you've done all you have in the past year... what if...

You were even 1/2 as adventurous for the next 10? What a Journey that would be!

(Keep us posted!) ;-)


heisschic said...

i'm pretty sure you need to keep traveling so i can continue living vicariously through you.

on that note, is there any particular reason for taiwan, japan, etc as travel destinations instead of the more typical european hotspots? did i just answer my own question?

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Chandy Andre said...

Yes, keep blogging! How else is a Mom to find out she needs to be at the airport 4 days earlier than what is on her calendar! :0

Love you and looking forward to you coming home! Have a blast wherever you choose to travel!

Untitled said...

Hey friend, are you on facebook?