Saturday, August 15, 2009

Morakot Watch pt 2: Help Needed, Community Answers

Since my own personal run in with Nature's Forces, I've carried a special sympathy for Disaster Relief. Before I make my way to Morakot I wanted to update you all on where you can donate, if you feel so inclined.

Able to do this much better than I, Michael Turton, an expat-megablogger in Taiwan has compiled a thorough list of Global Aid and Taiwan Non-Profits determined to assist the displaced survivors of Morakot. You can find all of that information here.

A few Morakot Statistics:
Also, youtube footage of an incredible, devastating hotel collapse:


It's encouraging to me, though, to watch communities stand together in support of their neighbors-in-need. At the moment, I'm writing from Retro Coffeehouse. The Stackers, one of my favorite acts to play locally, are hosting a benefit show here. All profits from drinks and door donated to relief funds. The Refuge has also joined forces with Michael Turton to accept cash and goods donations to transport to afflicted areas.

In times like this, things like government initiatives and corporate infrastructure, even social or religious differences, tend to matter a lot less. We remember what we have, and what it is to give. We rally around and remember we're all human beings and we all have needs wanting to be met. We act within the Golden Rule.

In other words, we do what we should.

But, despite the tragedy, it's my joy to see people engaged with each other. As it's said at the Refuge, and as I believe: Community will Change the World.


Deeptesh said...

Brilliant pal!!Your blog has changed for better!!Like the piece.....very interesting and informative!!

Don said...

"We act within the Golden Rule. In other words, we do what we should."

Great line (above) and it ties to one definition of Community: (Ecclesiastical) "a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule."

A common life within the Golden Rule -- doing what we should.

Everyone sees the world differently. We each see different needs. We each have a circle of proper influence. Acting as we should, doing what we can, where we are, with what we have, because of what we see...

That kind of personal navigation will change the world... somebody's world.