Friday, September 25, 2009

California (Cell Phone Camera) Photo Reel

After a year without a cell phone (a beautiful, unleashing experience, might I add), the first thing I did when I arrived home was head to my local Sprint store and activate the phone that's been in a closet this year.

It's been strange carrying it around, but one benefit (besides being able to tweet anywhere) is having a camera-on-demand again.

Here's a couple shots I've snagged over the last couple weeks (With Commentary!)

Photo #1: Chili Cheese FriesI'm fairly certain Ben, one of my life-long best friends, tried to kill me the first day we hung out. After an incredible welcome home meal at In'n'Out (which nearly did the deed in itself), Ben took me to a place called "The Hat" where we ordered something that could have been called "Death by Chili Cheese" and in fact, probably was.
This is only a taste of the American Food my American Friends are feeding me. What they don't realize... I don't think my stomach is American anymore...

Photo #2: Proof I exercise...some.
Living in the city was fun in its own right. But nothing beats a taste of nature. This is the less-than-natural trail behind our suburban track homes. I'm trying to keep up my walking, eventually graduating to running. My friend Yazz has been dragging me around the city lake every now and then. That helps.

Photo #4: Surf City, USA
What good is a trip home to California if you don't make it to the Beach? In theme with staying healthy, my dad, brother and I did a good 6 mile walk/run before enjoying the waves some. (Note to self: Going once does not equate to a healthy habit)

Photo #5: Front Seat Driver
Another activity I didn't do much of (at all) in Taiwan: Driving. But, I'm home now, and I've been doing the big-brotherly carpooling lately, picking up from school and dance and other activities. This time, I had company. (But she tends to bark out orders, so I made her sit in the back) (That's a lie)

Photo #6: California Sunset
And finally: I took this on a drive with Colin Biggers. Everything halted when we saw this sunset; conversation, car, time itself. Then I think we may have been honked at. Note the green light. Green means go, but that sunset meant stop and take in the moment.


Other news:

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PS Drifter Community Member Kelvin over at Daretothinkdreamdo asked me to guest post! Check it out.


floreta said...

(Note to self: Going once does not equate to a healthy habit)

haha. ohman. i need to take note of that one too... :P

your family dog is cuute. i like terriers.

Dianna said...

Awww, is that your dog?! She's adorable! My grandma used to have a dog like that; her (the dog, not my grandma) name was Candy. have an old lady's dog? ;)

J/k, she looks adorable.

Sebastian said...

What happened to photo #3!

Did some passing fatty eat it or something?

Chase said...

@Seb, you're always so with it. I'd like to say I throw that stuff in there just to see who's paying attention. Yea, we'll go with that.

@Dianna, that's my sister's dog. I just take her driving with me. I must like the attention... even though it's all for her, and she knows it.

@Floreta, yeah, Lexi is a cutie. She knows it too... For the record, she can come in my car, but I never take her out in the stroller. Ever.

Andhari said...

I like the puppy!!!!

Geeta said...

Bleh. I still can't say I actually enjoy "American" food. I had french fries for the first time last week and I didn't like them nearly as much as I thought I would... or at all rather. What strange, super-salty, fried-rectangle-shaped things they are...

Nice photos :) That sunset could have easily caused some accidents!

Don said...

Nice pics.

(Even if you can't count, at least one of your readers can. Personally, I missed it too.)

I've met that dog! (I got a picture of mine on my latest blog entry:Heidi.)

Now I'm off to read your guest blog.

deepteshpoetry said...

This one's really cool.But 2 things....what about ur trip 2 India coz I'll plan 2 meet them as we talked that day n pls c d sequel on my blog.

Geeta said...

Something on your blog caught my eye... like the Taj Mahal glittering pink beneath a sunset sky... so you've been linked via! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is NO proof that you exercise. I want to see you in the picture doing some pull-ups or I won't believe it. Humph!

christina said...

I've always wanted someone to hide my cell phone from me for a few months. I think I would freak out at first but after a while feel free and relieved. I would probably never do this but day after day of constant mindless chatter I seriously consider it.