Friday, October 10, 2008


"Justice Travels Uphill... and this Train keeps climbing..."

This isn't something I've seen first hand, but I know it happens in Taiwan.
And I know it was happening under my nose in the States as well.

This is a global problem, and it's good to see someone doing something about it.
It's even better to know we can do something too.

The movie Call+Response came out in select theaters, and it's only running for one week.
If it's in a market near you, go see it.

Support this Movement.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chase,

I went to Albania last year, and that definitely made us face this reality. Not much prostitution happens in that country, but there is a lot of 'trading' going on. Girls get lured away and put to work in Italy, Greece and other places. It's really terrible. Check out and click A21. Also check out


PS: I enjoy Switchfoot, Matisyahu and Natasha Beddingfield. So I should check out their song!

GabrielAllen said...

This stuff seriously makes me super sad. I'm totally seeing that flick next week. It should be dandy.

Jenny Colborn said...

i'm seeing this tomorrow in irvine.