Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music to My Ears

Maybe it's because I feel the need to surround myself with something uniquely American from time to time, but I've found Folk Rock creeping towards my ipod and through my computer speakers every chance it gets.

I'm sure the Jazz Festival jump-started this yearning for American Music (more on that soon to come)
And I know that ICRT (International Community Radio T.)'s lack of a decent representation of decent American music increased my awareness of the void. ("And that was Lindsay Lohan, up next is Metalica" ... I guess you can at least try to please everybody?)

Luckily for me, it's oozing in popularity. I'm so glad that I can identify myself as "hip" to the young pop american subculture here in taiwan. (insert other "oozing" sarcastic remarks here)
Though it's over-abundent State-side, no one here (so far) appreciates or enjoys this American Nostalgia. To their defense, I don't wave it wildly from the streets in search of support. It's a private matter...though you could say one of Independence.

This is the Music I'm listening to:

Jon Foreman (myspace.com/jonforeman)
Derek Webb (myspace.com/derekwebb)
Janu and the Whalesharks (myspace.com/januandthewhalesharks)
J.R. Rund and the Hold Up (myspace.com/jrrundandtheholdup)
Cold War Kids (myspace.com/coldwarkids)
Amy Kuney (there's no reason she can't be on this list: myspace.com/amykuney)
Cub Country (myspace.com/cubcountry)
Faulter (the post-breakup Acoustic Album) (myspace.com/faulter)
Pax217's Acoustic ENGAGEment Concert (don't worry about it)
And last-but-not-Folk, Copeland (myspace.com/copeland ...is their new album worth it? let me know)

Without mentioning the obvious lack of names like Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan (i am anticipating the "I'm Not There" Taiwan DVD release)... Did I miss anything? Add to my list!

Viva la Americana

Honorable Mention: While writing this blog, I was listening to "Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England" They also supplied the lovely graphic at the top of the post which has been slightly alterted for the purpose of this conversation.

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