Thursday, October 16, 2008

Su Fan!

Tonight's Dinner: Steamed Lettuce and Krill
Bamboo and Mushrooms
Green Onions and Ground Beef (my personal favorite)
Green Beans and Tuna

Carrot and Potato Stew

and Dragon Eyes

All on top of a bowl of White Rice

Oh, and a side of fresh sliced Pear -- which happens to be the size of a Mango, and has the texture of an Apple. For Dessert: an ice cube sized block of Black Potato-Flavored Ice (Popsicle w/o the stick)

Life is Good.


GabrielAllen said...

That doesnt sound too bad. I'd sure as heck would try it.

Rachel Tamed said...

I'm not totally sold on the "potato flavored ice" but the rest sounds tasty. Hope you are well and having fun!

milkpeas0914 said...

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