Friday, April 10, 2009

Adventures Abroad

It hit me recently that I haven't written about Hong Kong.

That's mostly because there isn't too much to say. I needed to stretch my legs a bit, so I took an overnight trip off the island. Hong Kong is a beautiful metropolitan city, and a thriving young professional's paradise. (you can see them strut the streets in their Louis Vuitton Prada and Gucci.

I spent most my day through the halls of the malls, and strolling the street markets and pausing along the boardwalk that lines the harbor. It was a great trip, almost two months ago now.

That said, I hope to visit a few more countries while stationed in this corner of the world. I consider my fellow drifters (yep, any of you reading this) to be a well traveled, diverse group. So I'm looking for your input.

Any thoughts on what countries I should visit? Unfortunately Europe, Russia, and the States are probably out of the question. . .(sorry guys) but how about East Asia?

Let me know what you think!


Jon and Steph said...

What an awesome adventure. I'd love to go to Hong Kong.

Too bad you can't come to Germany ;)

insomniaclolita said...

Indonesia is always good.

Wait what?


the girl in stiletto said...

come down to malaysia :) lol (even though i'm not there to show you around, it is still a lovely place) muah ha ha ha. to be specific, come down to borneo island & go mountain hiking at the highest mountain in malaysia. mum said it's breathtakingly beautiful. you can hit the beach too.

Chase said...

@Steph, maybe I'll make it out your way after I conquer Asia.

@lolita ...I knew you'd say that ;)
Though I guess it is a good possibility. You know, Obama lived in Jakarta for awhile...

@Stiletto, that sounds awesome! I really want to de-urbanize myself. A hiking trip sounds fantastic

Alright the run so far is:

the girl in stiletto said...

i've an award waiting for your collection :)

ACitizenOfThisWorld said...

I wish I could recommend my country,Iran, and I would if you were from a different country than the states, but I've heard it is really difficult for Americans to get the visa.

My sister studies in Malaysia. She is a marine biologist and she goes to this Island named Tioman for her field trips, where you can get scuba diving leassons and equipment to enjoy the under-the-sea world, with reasonable price. Give it a thought if you are up for the adventure.

floreta said...

man, my only experience of hong kong was the airport. =/

the philippines.. is that too far south?

india.. maybe it's not the safest but i love their art history and culture. hm.

thailand!! everyone i know who's been loves it.

insomniaclolita said...

Yep I do know, Central Jakarta that I live in the South side, way cooler..stop by soon..

Im serious.:P

Chandy Andre said...

JAPAN! CHINA! SINGAPORE! VIETNAM! SOUTH KOREA! My vote for place to visit in order! Have fun! Go! Run!Swim! Fly! Don't stop til you get there! :0D Come home with no regrets! loveyoumissyou!!

Chase said...

@lolita, I'll keep that in mind.

@Floreta, so far Thailand is winning on my list. At least for the first trip... turns out there's a "James Bond Island" how cool is that??

@Citizen, Malaysia sounds great! (That's Two for Malaysia

@Mama, love the list! I'll see what I can accomplish :)

deepteshpoetry said...

Chase,what about India?Calcutta if u like?There's one on my blog on time-travel.Pls chk out my poem soon.

Amy said...

And a third for Malaysia.

The street food is out of this world; whenever I head back off to Uni, I'm counting down the days until I can get back to my chicken rice, char koay teow, koay teow th'ng and wan tan mee.

And in Malaysia, you have to do Penang. While the beaches are filthy, the city is worth seeing (it's now a Unesco World Heritage Site) and any Malaysian will tell you that Penang has the best hawker food in the country. I have friends in Singapore who come up for it.

Thailand is definitely worth a jaunt if you're heading over to Malaysia, since they're in such close proximity to each other. Bangkok, Chiang Mai (and Rai), any island is good. I enjoyed Koh Samui, my sister liked Phuket. Only go to Hatyai if you want to shop, there isn't much else to do there.

Singapore again is more for shopping than anything else.

Chase said...

@Deeptesh, Calcutta would be amazing. I know I'd thoroughly enjoy it. Does Mother Theresa's work live on there?

@Amy, You're moving Malaysia up on my list! I hadn't given it much thought before.. I'll look into it.

Samantha said...

First off- I love your mama's comment.

Second- I am no expert on world-wide traveling...but I do read about it a lot, and I will throw in a vote for Thailand. The food there is ohmygoodnesssogood and I would be so, so, jealous!

No matter what you pick I will have just as much fun living vicariously, though. :)

SuzANNE said...

These photos are amazing. And wow, you're mom seems like a very supportive/cool chick. Lucky boy.

Chase said...

so, thailand is kinda a bad idea at the moment... if the sitch in Bangkok wasn't bad enough, the flights to phuket doubled in price.

I'm leaning towards malaysia at the moment...

@Sam, @ANNE, yeah... my mom's pretty cool. :)
I guess i'm pretty lucky. ;)

C. Beth said...

Chase--Wanted to congratulate you; I just gave you a One-Minute Writing of the Day award for your response to the "Hope" prompt on The One-Minute Writer. Great job--thanks for playing!

sarah said...

my favourite place ever is Morocco...

failing that (it IS a bit far) come to Japan!

it`s always fun here