Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture and Updates

A few of you have commented on the new layout of the blog, and yes, I did take the picture and make the banner. I created the banner with a program called Gimp, which is fantastically free. Photoshop for poor people (read: me). A great blog, I Can't Save Money, directed me there a couple months ago (for other poor people: check out the blog, it's a great find). Gimp is perfect for those who enjoy touching up pictures, but have no business pursuing photography/design professionally (read: me, again).

The photo is from the local temple. I've written of another temple before, but this one is beautiful, and rich with history. A great place to visit if you're in the city.

One last thing. On the subject of bookstores, I found a shop that sells works in English! It's amazing. Now, I honestly believe I have more books here in Taiwan than they do a selection (despite their 4 floors of shelf room), but I'll take what I'm given. (Heaven on Earth? Maybe.) I picked up a book. No, it wasn't The Dark Knight paperback- though that was an option. Instead, I opted for Tuesdays with Morrie, a book that's been on my list to read for years. I've never met someone who had read that book that I didn't like. Plus it was small and light. Lighter than a t-shirt light.

Everything I do from this point on, I've got to keep airport baggage in mind.
Home Stretch.


floreta said...

"I've never met someone who had read that book that I didn't like." Score for me, because I've read it too. :) You'll definitely like it. I think I cried.. haha. I also read his other book, "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". I'm pretty sure both of them are in a box somewhere... You might also like the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch. Well I did anyway.

I really like the Taoist temple in Cebu City. Temple's are pretty.. I'm humbled by the amount of history in other countries.. USA is a baby!

SuzANNE said...

Great read and I hear you on the luggage front! I can't believe you're already talking about coming back to the US. Anyway, TWM put my journalism career into perspective, and there's a made for TV movie starring Hank Azaria of The Simpson's fame-- what's there not to love?

the girl in stiletto said...

sadly, i've never heard of the book. shame on me for calling myself a bookworm! shame shame. but you on the other hand, should have fun with your new treasure :) as for me, i should look for something to eat since i'm super hungry... (lol sorry i know that was uncalled for) :P

insomniaclolita said...

I need to catch up on books since all I read lately is school books and blogs. :)

I like your layout, especially the header.

Jon and Steph said...

I love the picture. I didn't realize you had taken the pic. Well done my friend.

Thanks for the website info on Gimp, I'm always looking for a better photo editor. (Other than the one that comes with your computer)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that book! Read it a couple years back. Have you read mitch albom's other books? You'd like them. Ivan' beleive you'll be coming back soon

Chase said...

The book's been great so far.. I definitely want to experience more of his work.

@Steph, hooray for free programs! Enjoy it.

And thanks for the compliment on the picture : ) I'm happy how it turned out.

Diana said...

nice job on the banner! thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

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