Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from "The Air"

If you haven't heard quite yet, there's a bit further explanation concerning my previous post here.

I appreciate all of your concern during this time. And hope you have a beginning to your month of April, wherever you may be.

Don't worry, I'll continue blogging.

(Nothing wrong with having a little fun on this Journey...)

Further Updates:

Comments from Irreconcilable Differences that weren't immediately posted:

Floreta (though half-comment gullible) figured it out:
whoa! i had no idea. but i'm sure your journey is far from over.


ps: shoot, it's april 1st isn't it? am i gullible??

And Yazz figured it out, but it took her two comments. The second, here:
Also, you do realize this is kind of unbelievable since it is April Fools Day in Taiwan....

I hope no one minded if I indulged myself in a little Western-Culture Trickery. I asked around, and there's only a vague notion that today is considered "Lying Day" to Foreigners. I guess that's what today was: I lied.

I do look forward to seeing you all. Soon, or September.

It's just that I couldn't resist taking advantage of my being in the future.


Anonymous said...

RIGHT before I clicked the link...I started to think "hmmm this couldnt be an april fools prank could it?" I totally fell for it because I read it on the 31st of March :p

Hey do you have twitter? I was just wondering about that. Im ReneeInHolland

Young Traveler said...

Dear Chase,

You suck.

The end.


PS. I only say this because you had me completely fooled.

insomniaclolita said...

You kinda made my heart stopped and I didnt think of any April Fools possibility, you didnt even reconfirm me yeah yeah you're mean!

Don said...

Sorry to say, you're a good liar.

You must practice?


Don ;-)

(You made my wife cry!)

sri said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

Samantha said...

Oh man! You got me so good I wasn't even sure how to comment on the last post! I always forget about April fools....but I'm sure you made a lot of people sad! haha.

Anonymous said...

You. Are. A. Brat.

Read this while *coughworkingcough*

and it is the first here soo yeah...I was like..huh? but then..yeah...

you know how I look forward to your posts every week!! Don't scare me like that!!!

not awesome!


Don said...

PPS: My wife didn't really cry. She was sad... but I lied. (Back at ya! - 4/1) Did you feel bad?

Don ;-)

Chase said...

@Don, I absolutely felt a little bad (and a little accomplished... is that horrible of me?) But I didn't want to seek you out to verify the claim just in case it was pay-back.

Thanks for fessing up ;)
I deserved that Thhppt.

Chase said...

to everyone else... thanks for indulging me. I'm glad to know that my generally trustworthy nature made you take the bait so easily.

Love you all.

floreta said...

i love how the picture in the previous post leads my eyes directly to the picture/path in this post. so metaphorical. :P indeed the journey goes on.

september malevolence!