Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lessons in Buddha's Method

Lessons in Buddha's Method
Dissolving the Set - Part A
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"I don't agree with what people say," he started, "Buddha's Method is a Science, not a religion." I had asked him to tell me more of Buddhism -- his favorite topic. When the Medicine Man talks Buddha, he is really teaching life.

"Like your God: When you experience His presence - in the room - that is not religion, that is Science. Buddha's Method is a process -- for all of life: happy, sad, sick, Time, Love.

"Let me say it this way. Your computer has a set process. Buddha's Method is to dissolve the set."

Nodding softly, I appreciated the effort. But it didn't become clearer until later...

"I do not like Taiwan's education. They destroy Creative Mind. They push only one answer until all are down one road. When students read a book, the teacher asks a question, but only accepts one answer. When I read, I see many answers!

"That's why I make sure my children play every day. My son plays with animals and insects. He feeds fish. And everyday, I ask him," the father turned to his 7 year old nearby, "Are you happy?" With a signature ear-to-ear grin, the boy shook his head in resolve.

"Happiness is most important in life," he stated in satisfaction.

"Buddha's Method is about happiness. The Psychology. It is basic Science. But people don't think so. As humans create more -- cars, TV, electric power, lights -- they think this is Happiness. But they forget; this is not real happiness. Happiness is Silence."

"I think today, people are afraid of Silence," I offered.

he stated, nodding softly.


Andhari said...

:) It's quite a beautiful thing to ponder, even though I'm not a buddhist.

I'm all into all things you do should make you happy. I try to be happy, because I'm pretty much unhappy if you observe me a little further.

Sebastian said...

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that
shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. - Proverbs 17:28.

(Ironically, from the Christian bible... but hey, almost every religion is based on its precursors!)

The whole Far East thing certainly seems to revolve around silence before noise, deference before saying your piece.

But I'd have to get over there to get a proper grasp of it!

floreta said...

Pretty interesting to me that experiencing God presence is a science :)

Don said...

I already read Part B. I like the multiple answer thing. I believe in that, and foster it in my students. I'm thinking "Happiness in not a destination, but a way of travel." In fact, I wonder if happiness is not a blessed by-product of living well.

You are a day ahead of me!

I prefer Par-tay to Part-B. Just sayin'. ;-)

Young Traveler said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous post.

You know the symbol of the "om" is supposed the sound the Earth when we are quiet enough to hear it.

Chase said...

@andhari, i'll be sure to not make you unhappy. better for all of us, ya? :P
It's cool that you don't need to be a buddhist to appreciate/enjoy/agree with some of its precepts

@Seb, come on and get your bible-quotin' self over here!

@Floreta, yea. his words not mine. I'm still doing some reflecting on how/what that means

@Don, but does par-tay bring happiness? ;) I agree with you in wanting to foster that sort of Attitude in students. It's not an easy task here. They really are indoctrinated with the one-track mind.

@Traveler, shhhh, I'm listening