Friday, May 29, 2009

Lessons in Buddha's Method

Lessons in Buddha's Method
Dissolving the Set - Part B
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"This is why in Buddha's Method, we meditate." He continued along his broken-English thought stream from his mantra Happiness is Silence. Speaking to the Medicine Man is like reading the Tao: his language is simple, but if you search for depth, you'll find it.

"When I meditate, I know I am sitting in this chair. But in my mind," he moved his hand from his temple to his sternum, "I am in an empty room, not sitting on anything."

Eastern Tradition says the Mind is of the Heart, not the Brain.

"It is the Brain's way to have many troubles. But this is not true of the Mind." His fingers once again pressed towards his Heart. "The Mind and the Brain are different."

"If you taste a food and it's sour, your Brain reacts to the experience. Your Mind does not have this experience. After awhile, your Brain influences your Mind. The troubles of the Brain become a set and combine with the Mind. IN practicing Buddha's Method, we learn to -"

"Disolve the set." I interjected, finally understanding.

"Yes." he nodded softly, and smiled in resolve.


floreta said...

i admit i haven't read the tao te ching :X

not in entirety anyway.

i better get on that.

Don said...

Chase breaks out some dialogue... nice.

Who says set theory only exists in mathematics? Who says Dissolve is only a lime remover for the bathroom faucets?

Thanks for sharing a snippet of insight.


Chase said...

@floreta, do get on that. it's a great read. (don would agree, no?)

@don, for my next post, I'll prove CLR does in fact not stand for Calcium Lime and Rust.