Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thailand Photo Reel - Koh Samet

Two days is simply not long enough to spend on the small paradise-like island of Koh Samet. White sands demand more attention than a short weekend can provide.

The Island's National Park has plenty for the explorer in you - that is, if you can pull yourself out of the water. Stepping into the wake is like having your mother set your bathwater to just the temperature your baby-bum required.

At night, walk the beach in the dim light of the stars. Stop by to meet fellow vacationers at one of the dozens of restaurant/bars, and you may find an empty lounge cushion on the sand with a view of the nightly beach-side fire show.

Just outside the National Park's beach, on the main drag of Koh Samet, you'll find a small host of restaurants, guest houses, and massage shops - offering authentic Thai massage. (Note: If you're in Thailand, a Thai Massage is a must.)

Now, if you do find yourself on Koh Samet, be sure to stop in at the Red Ginger. Only open a month's time, the Red Ginger is the retirement project of Roger, a Canadian who left the world of broadcasting, and pursued traveling. Of all the places in the world he's been, he's now calling Koh Samet home. I met Roger on the ferry ride to the island, and he immediately invited me to his restaurant and home. We shot the warm island breeze over the entree he selected for me. Undoubtedly, Roger has a place on my list of favorite fellow travelers I found in this Land of Smiles. When you go, try the Chicken in Mushroom Sauce, you won't be disappointed.

After 8 months in urban Taiwan, the cluster and crowd of Bangkok grew stale fast. Koh Samet proved to be my true vacation spot on this trip. Before leaving, I knew I would one day return. The paradise of Samet Island is one that beckons you to sit and stay awhile. And on my next trip, that's just what I'll do.


floreta said...

you could write reviews, i think! between this and mojo.. skillz yo.

and i'm continually amazed how easy you can connect with people! sounds like an amazing trip. hope to visit soon!

the girl in stiletto said...

beautiful photos! when will you ever take not-so-beautiful photos? :P no, no kidding! keep on being great with photos. chicken in mushroom sauce sounds delish!

The Novelista Barista said...

the last picture is awesome!

Andhari said...

Pics look good, you're not into big city, I assume? I guess I enjoy both :D an escape to a beach sounds like a good idea right about now.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! Glad that you had a good trip!

Don said...

Sounds and looks very nice. The pictures are even better full screen. (Hmmm... I'll bet it's even better better in real life!)


Samantha said...

I love, love the first picture- it looks so blissful. Oh, and your description of the perfect baby bum required water temperature. Man, I want to go there!

Oh, and agreed. You should definitely think about writing reviews.

Anonymous said...

Asia is not necessarily a continent that draws me in for a visit. But this sounds really neat! Glad you had fun there. I still think I prefer the white beaches of Florida though ;)

Hope all is well with you! I finally have internet at my place, so I should be online a little more regularly again.