Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adventures in the Back of the Bus

This is where I recount the adventures of riding in the Taichung City Transit System to get to school.

So yesterday, as I was walking to the bus stop after class, I saw not one but two buses pass by me. I waited a half hour for the third. When it finally did come, it came with a twin. Apparently, half-empty buses now travel in twos. I'm tempted to leave out the part where the caravaning-pair caught up to a third bus and played Leap Frog til my stop.

Today, however. I found myself, once again, at the back of the bus. It was a slightly later bus, since I broke my wake-up rule and used the snooze button (one too many times...). At least I think it was a later bus, it very well could have been the bus I would have boarded, had I arrived at 8, as usual.

I was enjoying a rather triumphant musical moment with Chris Martin and the boys (thank you iPod), when I opened my eyes, I looked down and out my window at a car who was splitting the lanes of traffic to race by us in the opposite direction.

The bus rocked.

I glanced towards the driver to catch his reaction.


And we made it through the intersection with a honk.

Just another reason I choose not to drive in Taiwan.


insomniaclolita said...

hahahaha born and raised in Asia made me able to relate to your post very much..and may I say, it might be scary but when ure able to do that you can drive anywhere in the world :)

Simplicity said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'd probably be riding around with my eyes covered! Talk about random showings for those buses...

floreta said...

traffic in asia is crazy. i'm afraid to cross the street..

.Blue in Green said...

Now that was quite lucky! And I thought driving in Paris was a bit risky. This is scarier.

btw: Have you heard of Fela kuti?Also, my book has arrived and I am not dissapointed at all.