Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fisherman's Ferry - A Day in Kaohsiung

I completely forgot I had this picture:

Last weekend, we traveled to Kaohsiung for the day. We took a Ferry to the Beach Peninsula. But we didn't take the luxury pedestrian cruiser. No, we hopped in the illegal fishing boat that slides from one side of the port to the other. The rates are cheaper, and the trip is quicker. I couldn't help but snap this photo (right before my camera died, unfortunately.)
And yes. That is dead fish hung to dry behind my head.

The beach was a nice change from the city. There was little wake, however, and the riptide made the shore near impossible for swimming. So we didn't try. The boardwalk market was more of the same: Chicken feet and Squid on a Stick [Click For Photo].

The Squid was delicious. The feet, I skipped. Again.


insomniaclolita said...

hahaha i too skipped chicken feet whenever I can, even the ones in dimsum have you tried that one?
good to know u like ur weekend..

.Blue in Green said...

Chase, don't know how you do it but I would like to visit. I had been thinking of a trip to Brazil this summer and Taiwan now seems to be calling.
Thanks for the update and sharing the photo.

Rachel Tamed said...

Ah Chase, you even look good surrounded by dead fish! :)

Don said...


You look good, but that mop next to you. Wow! Go mop!


Anna Lefler said...

Nyaaah! I'm totally making chicken's feet for the kids tomorrow night for dinner.

That'll teach 'em.

:^) Anna

Gavin said...

Squid on a stick, still make me laugh.

Gavin said...

Thanks Chase for the 'get well' wishes. I appreciate it.