Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo of the Day

Due to popular demand, I dug out a photo of line #14 mentioned in my previous blog post.
That's a Squid-on-Stick stand in all it's Night Market Glory.

Bon Appetit! Or as we say here, Su Fan!


King of New York Hacks said...

Haven't seen that in the city. could be a future trend though. Great pic!!

Anna Lefler said...

I'm SO giving my kids the option of "squid-on-a-stick" tonight when they whine about grilled cheese sandwiches. Bam!

I "sleigh" you - * snort *


:^) Anna

Gavin said...

Holy shit, I love seafood, I love squid, but that looks like The Alien on a stick!! (I'd still eat it tho)

Rachel Tamed said...

It's beautiful!

Henry the Dog said...

After reading some of your blog I know that my mum would LOVE to visit Taiwan. She's been to Hong Kong, Bangkok & Singapore - guess they're a bit 'touristy' but she loves experiencing the asian cultures and trying different food. She'd definitely give 'squid-on-a-stick' a go. I now know that I'll have to spend next weekend reading all your blog 'cause I'm hooked. But how could you go to MacDonalds with all that exciting stuff on offer?????

Real cab driver said...

I'd love to sample everything at that stand.

Is it still true that teaching English with American accent is in big demand?

.Blue in Green said...

And it's all fresh too. I love seafood including squid. Nothing better with Pouilly-Fume