Monday, December 15, 2008

I just spent $355 on a half gallon of Eggnog

Tomorrow... I will be drinking Eggnog.

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I am incredibly excited. So excited that I thought it worth telling all of you about how excited I am.
(And to prove wrong my prediction about an eggnog-less Christmas)

Costco is the only place in Taiwan that carries this wonderful holiday treat. For that I'm certain. However, I did have to shell out $355nt for the carton. Supply and Demand, I guess. (fyi: $355= about $11us.)

But it's worth it. You see, I asked my class if they've ever heard of Eggnog, and their noses curled upwards.

"Ew! Does it really have eggs in it???"

I said, "Are you kidding me?! You're Taiwanese!! You eat pigs' feet and gall bladder!"

So I ventured down the road to Costco, used my American Costco card to get in, resisted the temptation to buy ice cream and pizza, and fought the insane crowds (see 17i), and found myself staring at the one stack of off-brand half gallon cartons of $355 Eggnog.

I'm banking on the hope that my class will be repulsed at the taste, and I'll get more than a few mugs out of it.
Selfish, I know. But at least I'm giving them a fair shot at an exotic cultural experience.

In other news... the Holiday's are in full swing. There's translated Christmas music on the radio, and plastic tree's in every Starbucks and McDonald's. The Vineyard of Harvest Church on my block was the first to put up lights and start projecting Kenny G's Christmas album onto the sidewalk (I have mixed feelings about that), but the Condo Complex and the bright orange underwear store on the corner have followed suite.

The funny thing is... no one celebrates Christmas. No one gets a day off work, or school. It's just another day. Traditions, huh?

Thinking of you all. Would love to hear from you as to what you're doing this holiday season.
Til then... Merry Christmas.


BLOGitse said...

Chase, enjoy your drinks, have a great holiday season (without holiday) and happy new year!

I'm off to Australia Tue/Wed night, so quite busy...

I'll be back here mid January, NEXT YEAR! :-)

Have a great time,
take care!

Renée said...

So are you SURE Costco didn't charge you $355 US dollars since you payed with your American card?? I hope so! I miss eggnog. Havent been able to find it here either. I had some in Chicago last year and it was sooo good. Then I had some in the South and it was not as great, but still better than nothing. Im rambling and should really stop. But I do like eggnog.

Rachel Tamed said...

I am in awe of people who regularly eat pig feet having an issue with eggs being part of a beverage!

Dream Girl said...

Well, it must be comforting to have a Costco! That seems so very American to me.

Enjoy your eggnog... as someone who considers Christmas their favorite Holiday, I'll be sure to write up a few posts dedicated to the festivities I'll be taking part in once I get home... In honor of you of course!

But don't forget, as Hanson (yes HANSON) sings in the song "Christmas Time" ...

Everybody needs a little lovin' around Christmas time. Somehow you got to know you're going to be all right. Do you really remember how it used to be
sitting under the christmas tree?

In your heart you'll find the season

O reach down inside you heart and see all the love
O in your heart you'll find the reason

Keep Christmas in your heart and eggnog in your glass and you'll be good to go =]

Alex McCarthy said...

The American cultural hangover that is egg nog. I never did understand its appeal, even whilst living stateside. Oh the mysteries of life!

Don said...

This post of yours requires a follow-up. Did they like it? Is egg-nog an acquired taste like coffee, beer, etc.?

Did they all gag and need lots of water to wash off the wonderful goo that coats your inards?

I haven't had any egg-nog yet, but now I'm inspired to have a double holiday favorite: Baskin-Robbins Egg-nog ice cream! Yum!

Jenny~ said...

well, when you opened eggnog, didn't u see everyone was holding a cup infront of you and waiting for you to pour some in our cups? it just taste a lit bit different like what we always drink.

well, in my point of view, it's better to try something that u never had b4 than don't try it at all!