Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sound [and Sight] of Music

The family I stay with here in Taiwan heads up the Taichung City Symphony Orchestra. I'm lucky enough to get to tag along to performances and take pictures with my digital point-and-shoot.

I'm no Jered Scott, but I like to think I make due with what I have.
(Jered is a good friend, and an even greater guy than his photography is fantastic. Check out his galleries here.)

By no means am I claiming Photographer-status (I'm still only a "picture-taker") but I enjoy it nonetheless, and it gives me something to do other than sitting in a stiff theater chair.

This Sunday, there was a Chamber Concert at a local Jr High Auditorium. I was able to sneak around and snap a few shots.



Rachel Tamed said...

I'm hoping that "killer tofu" is a good thing...because I just love the way it sounds.

P.S. - my blog is never going to be as cool as yours :) I've given up on trying to edit in the reactions...

Don said...

Very nice photos. You can claim amateur photographer status. Or recreational photographer!

Any thoughts on the appreciation of the arts, especially music, in the Taiwanese culture?

Amateur sociologist? Recreational philosopher? Social observationist?

Gavin said...

They are pretty good photos!

Gabriel Allen said...

Nice dude.

Seems like you have a little pattern for having musicians as roommates.

BLOGitse said...

I like the black&white ones...but dear friend...sorry but they are not very sharp...Next time! :-)

I'm practising like mad to learn how my camera works.

I've taken hundreds and kept tens.
That's why digi cameras are great!

Thank you for your support on my blog! Just added more new pics...fly, spider etc.

See you! :)