Friday, December 26, 2008

Digesting (Slowly but Surely)

It's December 26th. Some consider it "Boxing Day"
Christmas is over. Amazing.

Thanks to some Blogspot tools, I found my name floating around in the Blogosphere.
Michael Turton cited my bus blog on his page. He does a great job covering all things Taiwan.
I was honored he'd take the time to mention my corner of the World[Wide Web2.0].

Another article he posted is about a Priest from the Congo.
He leads at a Catholic Church I was actually going to attend this Christmas (with my Taiwanese family), but couldn't because of class. According to my family here, he's very well versed in the Taiwan culture, and speaks the languages like a Native. He also speaks English like a Native. He also speaks French. . .

(Someday. Chinese first... then we'll keep going from there...Slowly but Surely.)

Anyways, here's the blog "On Being Black in Taiwan"

Don made a great statement: "Holy-days are nice, every-day is better"
A needed reminder this time of year.

Thank you all, again, for joining me this far in my Journey.

Taking it day by day,

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Simplicity said...

If you can learn Chinese, you will definitely be able to take on French!

Kudos to you for your shout out!