Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Google Me This

Good Morning, Fellow Drifters.

Just wanted to point out that you're all behind the times. 2008 is SO last year. Get with it and hurry up over to the New, the Now... the Nine.

I'm taking a day to myself here. Much needed, much deserved. (If I do say so.)
Catching up on some emails and blog posts, thinking about buying a movie off iTunes to enjoy. It's much too cold and windy to sit out to read like I normally do. (Did anyone see 24:Redemption? Is it worth 12bucks?)

So... thanks to some fun tools, I can monitor the traffic to my page. I mentioned it when I reported being cited on another Taiwan blog. But sometimes, the traffic doesn't come from Blogspot or Facebook... but from Google.

It's quite amusing to find out who happens to my blog through the Search-Engine-turned-Lifestyle. The tool not only tells me where ( but what. In just the last two days:

  • Someone in Singapore is reading blogs on "Taiwan"
  • Someone in St. Louis, Missouri just realized the New Year is underway and is scrambling to learn how to "Form Habit"
  • A bloke from Strasbourg, Alsace used to search a "Louis Armstrong Happy New Year" (To those of you who have read my previous blog, my theory is that Monster Melancholy visited Strasbourg and he was hit with the same realization that Mr. Armstrong is no longer with us.) (just a theory...)
  • And Best of all: The Men of Houston, Texas are finally admitting they are jealous of "Asian Mole Hair"

God Bless Google.


Don said...

Google is a life altering tool. I was off-line for four days recently, and two or three times a day we wanted to Google something.

Back in the day you had to "look things up," but that didn't always work.

I'm using Googles Analytics: my daughter clued me in on it. But it sounds like what you have is more sophisticated. Cool.

Gavin said...

By the way Chase I aint married, Ha, made me laugh though, not sure why I call herself Missus...

Keep on bloggin!

Rachel Tamed said...

Ha ha - you googled yourself :)

Endless Randomness said...

Hello from Mumbai, India. I have feedjit on my page too.. it's a nifty tool.

manu said...

"asian mole hair" is an 8 on the ew scale .. well as far as search terms are concerned at least!

Young Traveler said...

This is AWESOME. How do I get it?