Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just spent $355 on a half gallon of Eggnog, Ctd.

Eggnog Blog Update

So, believe it or not, they liked it. The only complaint I received (which kept most of them from asking for a second pixie-cup helping) was that it tasted too sweet.

I'll give it to them. It's a sweet drink.

Being in Taiwan makes me realize how over-addicted to sugar we are in the States. Everything is saturated with artificial sweeteners and neon-florescent colors.

You know what's considered ingredients for a good dessert here in Taiwan?
Red Beans
and Fresh Fruit.

I'm learning to take that over any artificial concoction offered to me back home.
(that said, I should make a note that I just snuck half a bag of Peach Rings out of the Christmas package my family sent me . . . hey! I said I'm learning!!)

Anyways, their less-than-enthusiastic reaction left me plenty in the carton to get my eggnog fix for the Season. (Yeah, that means I drank more than my fair share, and regretted it an hour later)

Being detached from familiarity - especially this time of year - has given me ample time to observe life-as-I-knew-it from the outside. Watching America's financial crisis spread throughout the World; Seeing a global perspective on politics; Unhinging eyes from any glamor in Hollywood or any hold in "trends," I have a unique chance to observe the culture I'd been unable to separate myself from - or really, know anything different.
One thing I am now sure of: The Hamster Wheel of "9-5, repeat" has no appeal to me.
(Nor does the "5-9" of retail, but that's a given. I weathered that battle already.)

While discussing "Stage Musicals" with Jimmy, I searched Cirque Du Soliel clips on YouTube. I found this Allegoric gem...

What are your thoughts?

BTW... completely unrelated, but since this is an update blog, I figured I'd let you all know my favorite tracks from the new BG record are now:
The title track, "I'll be Home for Christmas" (it's only fitting), and
The Jazzy, down-tempo "What Child is This" (what can I say... I'm a sucker for a good Jazz tune, and I didn't know the girls had it in them.)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...


Don said...

Thanks for the update. I enjoyed it. May I recommend the field of education as a meaningful contrast to the 9-5 repeat syndrome. It begins to approach Europe's liberal vacation allocation, the compensation package is full-bodied, and the non-tangibles are almost tangible. (And men are needed, especially junior high and lower.) ;-)

Chandy Andre said...

AH, HA! Caught ya! Peach Rings, huh? Snatching from Santa's early stuffing of your stocking! You better watch out, Santa Claus comes to Taiwan too! :)

Oh, and yomomma knows what regretting it means! So Sorry! Stick to Pigs Feet and Stinky Tofu!

You come by the repulsed thought of a 9-5 pretty natural! Just ask JC-aka-Johnny!

Great Video! Even better Title Tracks to BarlowGirl's new Christmas cd! Special songs sung from such special sisters!