Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Sounds

I mentioned a post or two ago that I was immersed in a music-saturated culture back home.

Well, this is the extent of the pop/rock/indie scene here in Taiwan.
Consider this the best of the best (that I've seen so far):

Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) with his debut album: 100 Ways of Life (100種生活)

I wish I heard more music like this. It's more than tolerable, I think I actually enjoy this video. Plus its great Mandarin practice. I think I recognized a word or two...

Deserts Chang (張懸): Recently won "Best New Mandarin Artist" at the 7th Chinese Music Media Awards in Hong Kong.

This song is a great case-study on Chin-glish. Note the mixture between Mandarin and oddly structured English lines.

Children Sucker 表兒 : 朋友啊!Take It Easy!

Yea, I couldn't resist posting these guys.

I will note that there is one pop-punk song that is played -everywhere- but I can't find it anywhere. And, naturally, I don't know the name to look it up.
If I find it, I will pass it along.

But for now, I leave you with the infamous:

Wu Bai.

That's right. Literally translated, "500" takes the claim as Taiwan's first Rock Star. Still coming on strong, his newest album is laced with space-odyssey-themed Political Statements - the kind of album you'd expect from a true rockstar.

Think of him as a pioneer. Like the Steve Tyler of Taiwan Rock'n'Roll.

And since this post is about music and videos, let me leave you with something you totally weren't ready for. That's right... he's baa-ack.


I found the Taiwan Music Videos at the Fools Mountain Blog, where there is not only additional videos, but more in-depth explanations of the ones I listed.

I found "The Evolution of Dance 2" on the homepage of Taiwan's Youtube site


insomniaclolita said...

you like any of them? i wanna know, because sometimes i dont understand asian rock music.

Paola said...

Hello I passed by here and I stopped to look in your blog .. interesting ...
If it makes you glad you can come and visit me and if you like, you can add you to my readers ... hello hello

Don said...

Well, thanks for a 20 or 30 minute adventure into the pop music of Taiwan. I traveled from your site to several of the other links. Good fun. Interesting to watch a video that has only several thousand hits. With all the pathos caught on film, it's a bit frustrating not being able to catch the lyrics or context. (But that's true even in English.)


(I often use subtitles on tv. I hate to miss dialogue too. Maybe this is why I like print?)

Emilee Sutherland said...

I love it chase! You would find all the music you could out there! Do you miss your venue back home? We sure miss you at school that is for sure! I'll have to video the next Eddy and send it to you =)

Saphron said...

I noticed you list 'Velvet Elvis' as one of your favorite books. It was recommended to me by an over-eager employee at Barnes & Noble...I hadn't gotten around to reading it but I think now I will. Thanks! :)

Invinsible Black River... said...

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

ps: I am still yet to complete that brilliant book

floreta said...

cool thanks for sharing! these aren't bad at all. the first vid kinda reminds me of jason mraz.

Jon and Steph said...

So happy to have found your blog and a fellow expat, as well! Thanks for the lovely comment.
Taiwan huh, that must be amazing to have the chance of experiencing another culture!

Chase said...

@Don, I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. Words are a big part of music to me, too.
Not knowing/understanding the words is the biggest factor that keeps me from listening to Taiwan pop by choice.

@Emilee - great hearin from you. Would love to see clips of this year's Eddy.

@I.B.R. Please please let me know when you finish Blue Like Jazz

@Steph Taiwan has been amazing... but Germany isn't exactly a mirror image of our American culture either. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.