Friday, January 9, 2009

"New Year's Resolution - Spend Time More Wisely"

Singer/Songwriter (/Author) David Crowder recently posted this video on his blog with only one line above it...

new year's resolution - spend time more wisely.

Recently, my thoughts have resonated with his. I'm coming to realize not everything I enjoy doing is particularly productive. My schedule is filling up here -- more and more every day. So, in order to survive and carry this expatted-year out well, I've got to make some changes.

I'm slow to make decisions, though, and generally want to try it out before I buy.

That said, I've got to take a break. So if we were once Facebook friends, and now you don't know why, I've deleted my profile for awhile (I'm sure I'll be back eventually). And if I used to comment on your blog more than I do now, it's because I've taken a step back on that as well.

Don't worry, it's not permanent. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I adjust to the next period of my time here in Taiwan.


insomniaclolita said...

may you find what you look for :)

Don said...


In the Old Testament they anointed the big toes of the priests. Why?

Balance. Anointed balance. (That's what the big toe does: helps us stay balanced.)

Productiveness balanced with re-creation. Sometimes productiveness blended with re-creation.

Navigate on! "Use your head and heart to find out what would make you feel good about yourself." And do it!

See you around the "campus"!


On a Journey said...

Productivity is definitely a goal of mine for 2009! Funny because my new years resolution for 2008 was to “slow down”. –I may have over done it a bit ;)
We have tons going on right now – namely packing and getting everything in place to move! But I’ll prolly get to the place where I need to disappear from facebook, too – but right now I’m new and it’s way too much fun.
One of these days Ill pop over here and read your whole blog! I actually signed up for a blogspot but never did anything with it. – hmm and now all of my resolution slots are full for this year – maybe I’ll engage in bloggin in 2010!

Geeta said...

I completely understand what you're saying, I've gone through similar stages where I just shut off my cell phone and get rid of some of the cords that keep me "connected" 24/7. It can become so overwhelming!

I in turn apologize for not visiting as frequently lately due to settling in India, but I'm more aclimated now, and so I'll be stopping by... I hope everything works out for you.


BLOGitse said...

Chase, goooood idea to balance busy daily life...
I'm back from Aussie trip, amazing! and it was great to be out of emailing/blogging - no problem at all!
Now I'm trying to get my friends back to my blogs - you too!
Few new photos already and more coming soon!

Take care!