Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taiwan Politics - The Off-Broadway Production

Taiwan is a Nation of Celebration. So-much-so that they have a day to celebrate the Law.

Yes, Law Day.

"How do you celebrate Law Day?" one might ask.
Well that's easy, you stage a skit in front of your peers that mocks your career and professional status, and then everyone laughs.

Background: Former President Chen was jailed in December on suspicion of Money Laundering.
He rejected the claims and cried "Political Persecution!" He is from the Green Party who seeks independence from China. Currently in power is President Ma, in the Blue party, who favors political cross-strait hand holding. Political opinions and stances are stark here in Taiwan, and rivals the tension between the Red and Blue back home.

These acts mimic Chen Shui-bian when Chen was detained last year.

The entire room -- full of judges, attorneys, prosecutors and lawyers, probably several hundreds of them -- brought into laughters.

I found the quote and the video here

I really don't have much commentary for this. I'm just not used to seeing Prosecutors parody - let alone discuss at any length - an on-going investigation. Nor am I used to seeing Lawyers admit to their poor acting skills or childhood dreams of Broadway.

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Rachel Tamed said...

That was hilarious - I work for attorneys, and use to work for the Bankruptcy Court - we never do anything that cool stateside!