Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogspot Made Me Do It.

I don't know if I'm allowed to post more than one blog a day, but if I get in trouble with a blogger more "in-the-know" than I, I... I'll blame it on blogspot.

You see, they had this article, so I read it.

And it said that it's good to add the "Follow-this-Blog" application, so I did.

And it said to put that application on the top of the Right-hand side of the page.


Then it said to write a blog to tell everyone that it's there.

This, my friends, was where I felt unsure. I just posted a blog. Can I post another in the same day? Is that allowed? Will I get in trouble?

I feel so new to this.

Either way, it's there, and this blog is getting posted.

If you direct your attention to the top right-hand corner of my page, you can Drift with me by clicking "Follow this Blog"

I'd like that.

Thank you.


1 comment:

zamwesellthepunk said...

I need a google account to do disssss. O_O

You're a good bloggerface.