Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How many posts are you allowed to half-write before you actually post?

So I'm really bad at updating this thing.

Really Bad.

Oh well.... Learning new habits, right?

I have lots to share with you. About the people, the city, the food (basically, think noodles for breakfast, and rice for air. With a side of tofu...)

And I promise, I'll be better with pictures. Promise.

I'm learning lots here, but I'm also trying to stay connected with all that's happening State-side. (i.e. the election)

Speaking of the election... I have something to share with you from a... blogging idol? of mine, if there could be such a thing. hah!

His name's Donald Miller, and wrote books such as famed, "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching for God Knows What" He's an author in the Christian Spirituality section of Borders, but "Blue Like Jazz" received much accolade outside of that Shelf Corner.

His books are memoir-format essays and stories read much like a blog
...go figure.

Anyways, he gave the Benediction at the DNC (No, not Run.. that's DMC... Democratic National Convention).
In the months surrounding, he was able to correlate with Barak Obama through Email.
It's definitely worth a read.

*Note: Please take this in jest, and not as a knock on the Democratic Party.
I just happen to find it hilarious...

Like I said, I promise real updates to come.


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Samantha said...

Mmm tofu and noodles for breakfast!