Thursday, September 11, 2008

Learning to Lose Control


It's 10:30am and I just walked from the school where I will work to the house where I live for the first time. It wasn't a bad walk -- 20 minutes or so -- and I know the route well already.

I think I attended my first staff meeting. It was in Chinese, naturally, so I did not have much to say.

They tell me "Sit," I sit. They tell me "Come in here," I do that too. They tell me I don't go, then tell me I will. Then "not yet," then they bring the car around, and say "let's go!"
I do not yet know my schedule of where I need to be, or my purpose once I get there.
I have no cell phone, no computer (yet). I rely on the family for these things that I've forgotten how to live without.

I feel helpless, but I need to be ok with that. Right now is a time of Detox. I'm struggling to acclimate to my new surroundings and fit in to this role as University English Teacher.
(shoot. that's one heck of a resume bump from a month ago)

I'm not in control, now. But that's ok. I'm sure I'll learn much more than I could possibly teach.

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Alison said...

it's good that you're such a good "go with the flow" kind of guy.

Keep it up buddy and i'm sure it will teach you A LOT about life, God, and the pursuit of things that are out of our control.