Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundae Sunday.... Sundae?

Since my night here is rapidly ending, and my day begins early tomorrow, I thought I'd just drop a quick picture.

David decided to take me to the "Countryside," and Laura fought him so that she and Mama could come along as well.

The Countryside is likely where they would get the pictures for the "shopping" portion of an "Experience Taiwan" brochure. It was the historic preserve district of Lukang city.

Lukang means Port Road. I didn't see the ocean, but David said we were near. I think I could smell it though. And the little shops and carts and tables full of trinkets reminded me of the street fair in Solona Beach, San Diego.

After about 10 minutes of walking around, we sat inside one of the rustic houses along the historic port road. It's preserved, so the owners are not allowed to do any refurbishing. The wood beams are blatantly brittle, but without Government support, they cannot replace the bearing walls or supports.
David said, "If there's an earthquake, we run out of here... fast!"

It turns out the little shop was an ice and cream store.
I don't know if that's what it was actually called, but let me explain the picture above.
The small bowl, further back in the picture was brought out first and filled to the brim with milk.
Then came the next bowl. I was told it was an "Ice Dessert."

"Oh, like an Ice Cream Sundae!"

"Well, yeah, sort of..." As he finished his words, I took my first spoonful, and realized... it was just ice! Ice and toppings. Gram Cracker powder, fruit, jello, sprinkles, little green things, and a cherry on top coated the fine-yet-crunchy flavorless ice.

It made sense now, the cream was served on the side...

I think that's all I'll post tonight. I have plenty more I'd love to go into later.

If you care to comment:
What's the strangest dessert-food you've ever had?

Thanks for drifting my way,


Brittany said...

Ice and Cream separately?! LOL! What kind of strange land are you in!

GabrielAllen said...

In Romania, we had cheesecake. But literally one of the main ingredients was cheese.

Ashley said...

Whoa. Well I've had the same thing you had chase, They sell that in Chinatown in Hawaii!

Samantha said...

A lychee slushy! I guess it isn't nearly as strange, but it was so tasty!